Monday, 18 June 2012

its complicated :'(

Dear heart, please be strong.
Tears, please don't fall again.
Ya Allah, please strengthen me.

I don't even know where it went wrong.
I don't really know what had happened actually.
But truly, it was painful.
I cried all day and night.
I told myself a few times to be patient
Innallaha ma'as sobirin
But tears will never fail to fall onto my cheeks

Dear F.
if youre reading this i just wanna let u know i m suffering enough here. Please stop doing to me like this. What have i done wrong to you. If  its wrong to love you  then my heart just won't let me be right. Truthly, Deeply, i love you so much. Every second Every minute Every hour i swear in the name of God only you in my mind. And yesterday u told me " i rasa baik kita kawan dulu".   I cant accept this. If youre only wanna be friend with me why treat me like i m so special in your heart that day.  My text, my call since this 2,3 days seems like no response from you and how could you do this to me without any concrete explanation ! I will wait and wait until I get a definite answer from you. yes you!

Love, if i know its going to hurt this bad i would have never told you i love you.

i like him because he was he...
and i was i..                                                                       

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