Monday, 18 June 2012

its been 1 year and 3 month !

well hello people. miss me or not? berhabuk gila piggy bloggy nie. bhaha. maafmaafmaaf. i have been so busy with my life since practical.  awwchakkk. terkejut tak tgok mak dah KURSUS.  dengki tak?? haha. oke dengan ini saya berjanji saya akan bergiat aktif kembali dalam arena bloggers ini..

by the way people. For those that been forget who am i, listen..

  ♥ okay hello people , she goes by the name♥ 


♥ spell &pronounce my name right♥ 
♥ im a girlfriend , a daughter , a friend and might be your foe♥ 
♥she is the unpredictable and dangerous girl you've ever seen. she loves to fight for her right ♥ 
♥ she is fucking too far away from your typical word "perfection"..btw, want a perfect girl??go find urself a barbie doLL syg! ♥ 
♥ i dont sleep on the right time,my hair always have to be fixed♥ 

 i gonna stat my new life without him or him or him in my life anymore. As usual, i m nothing but i m still the BEST . 

babai ollssss.

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